Is a Unibrow Considered Beautiful? Or Do People Consider it Something Else?

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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Throughout the years, it’s no secret that beauty standards have been everchanging. We wouldn’t be caught dead in 2010 with a 70s hairstyle. The same ideology goes for unibrows. The facial feature that was once made fun of is not as shamed as it used to be.

A person with the unibrow feature does not make them ugly; for many people, it is considered a beautiful feature to have. Different places in the world have different definitions of what beauty is, some standards differing more than others. 

Let’s talk more about whether unibrows compliment masculinity if they are considered fashionable and some historical icons who rocked the unibrow loud and proud!

Women face showing half of the unibrow - Is a Unibrow Considered Beautiful?

Are Unibrows Attractive to Men?

In previous years, unibrows have been shamed more for women than men, and this is because the facial feature is considered to be more masculine. 

So for a moment, let’s set aside all the bad things we’ve been told about unibrows and discuss them from another point of view.

While it may be taboo for us in the U.S. to see a masculine individual with a unibrow, in other places, it’s considered to be an attractive feature for men. For example, for those who live in Tajikistan, located in Central Asia, the unibrow is considered attractive to men and women.


Are Unibrows Fashionable?

As of 2017, unibrows are considered to be fashionable and trendy! In more recent years, the trend has calmed down – but that does not mean they are once again shamed like they were in previous years. Those with paper-thin eyebrows of 1999 simply would not understand.

As years progress, a fashionable eyebrow is considered to be thicker and fuller. Those with unibrows may have insecurities about them but also are very lucky, considering that they are more uncommon than regular eyebrows.

A fashionable unibrow can be many things, and it can be more dark and prominent, as well as lighter and less visually present. 

Everyone is different, and different types of eyebrows would suit some better than others. Let’s not forget to style it with brow gel, and this will offer a more clean, crisp look.


Who are some famous people with unibrows?

Before we get to all of the famous people we know in today’s society – let’s talk about the iconic Frida Kahlo. 

She is known for her unibrow and the message she projects to us even years after her passing – do not change just because you can’t fit into society’s box of what you should be. 

The unibrow was a powerful feature showcased in Kahlo’s artwork, and today is presented to all by some of our favorite celebrities. These individuals include:

  • Anthony Davis: American basketball player.
  • Nicolas Cage: American actor and filmmaker.
  • Lily Collins: British/American actress and model.
  • Sophia Hadjipanteli: Greek-Cypriot model.


Final Thoughts on if Unibrows are Considered to be Beautiful

Unibrows are considered to be beautiful by the younger generations. They are also considered to be an attractive facial feature in Central Asia for both men and women. 

Not only is the unibrow a uniquely beautiful feature to have, but it also presents beauty on the inside. Unibrows create fashion statements around the world for all kinds of individuals. 

Famous icons like Frida Kahlo encouraged the idea to express who they are and not make changes to fit into what others want and expect you to be, which poses a great moral for our younger generations.


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