Midnight Blue Hair Dye On Black Hair Without Bleach

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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Are you looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your black hair without having to use bleach? If so, then you’ll want to use a semi-permanent midnight blue color for your black hair.

Are you ready to learn how to get that midnight blue hair color without bleaching your hair? Read on to learn how to do it and see what brand we recommend for black hair.

Girl with face makeup on her face and dark blue hair - Midnight Blue Hair Dye On Black Hair Without Bleach

How Should You Do it?

As with any hair coloring product, there are some risks associated with using midnight blue hair dye on black hair without bleach. However, these risks can be minimized by taking some simple precautions.


Step 1

Be sure to read the instructions on the hair dye package carefully before beginning. This will help you avoid any potential mistakes that could cause damage to your hair.


Step 2

Use a clarifying shampoo before applying the hair dye. This will help remove any build-up on your hair that could prevent the dye from taking evenly.


Step 3

Be sure to condition your hair well after coloring it with midnight blue hair dye. This will help keep your hair healthy and hydrated and will also help prevent the color from fading too quickly.


Can You Do it On Your Own?

Yes, you can do it on your own if you know how to do it properly. Otherwise, it’s best to see a professional stylist so they can do it correctly.


Which Color Brand Do You Need?

Many brands out there claim they can give you the midnight blue with no bleaching required. However, here is a good brand that you can trust that doesn’t require bleaching:


Splat Vegan Semi Permanent Midnight, Indigo Hair Dye

This hair dye does not require bleaching, which is a good thing because bleaching can be damaging. But it’s also cruelty-free as they did not test it on animals, so you don’t have to worry if you are concerned about that.

They are also packed with important vitamins that your hair needs, and they will help prevent breakage. Since we’re talking about using it on black hair, this dye is great for that.

This dye will last 4 to 6 weeks and fade with every wash, which is perfect if you are experimenting with hair colors.


Where Can You Buy this Color?

You can buy midnight blue at any store that sells hair dye. Most stores carry it in the hair color sections. You can also find it in pharmacies, if that’s closer to you, in the hair color section as well.


Does it cost more than Regular Hair Colors?

It costs the same as regular hair colors as people buy a common experimental color. The ones that require bleaching last longer, but they are more expensive.


Final Thoughts on on Midnight Blue Hair Dye On Black Hair Without Bleach

Getting a midnight blue color on your black hair is possible without bleaching. It can be done at home if you follow the dye box instructions. If you don’t know how to do it, go to a salon and get it professionally done.

With a little care, you can enjoy your new midnight blue hair for weeks to come before it fades.

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