How To Lighten Dark Blue Hair?

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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There comes a time when we all want to change our hair color, it might be dramatically, or it might be just the slightest change. Let’s be honest. There are many different shades and hues we would like to achieve when it comes to blue hair.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about lightening your blue hair, including if you can do it at home on your own, cheaper options with or without hair dye, and what methods work the best.

Woman with blue and black hair bun from behind - How To Lighten Dark Blue Hair?

How Long Does it Take to Do it?

Depending on what method you choose to follow to lighten your blue hair, the duration of the entire process can vary. It’s important to note that you can lighten your dark blue hair, or you can choose to fade it.

The difference between lightening and fading dark blue hair is the duration of each process. Specifically, if you are looking to fade the hair instead of lightening it to dye it a lighter hue of blue, it’s the fading process that will take a shorter amount of time.


What are the Best Methods?

Let’s discuss each method in depth, how long they may take, and roughly how much money you will be investing in each.

Of course, if time is not an issue, there’s always the option of simply waiting it out – after a few months of washing, your blue hair dye is likely to fade anyways.


Method No. 1 15 Minutes

Create a mixture of dawn dish soap and baking soda.

Apply the mixture throughout the hair thoroughly and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat throughout the week if desired.


Method No. 2   2-3 Weeks

Purchase and utilize a clarifying shampoo; over time, this product will eventually lighten dark blue hair after multiple uses.


Method No. 3 1 hour

There are also color-removing products on the market that you can utilize. Instructions vary for each brand as well as prices. These will take just as long as a regular hair dye and will do less damage to the hair compared to bleach.


Can You Do it on Your Own?

Yes, you can always attempt to lighten your dark blue hair at home. There are plenty of other methods to try as well. However, if you are finding yourself stuck or you are too nervous about attempting it yourself – don’t be timid to contact your local salon for assistance.

If you want to do it at home instead of spending money at a salon without having to do it entirely all by yourself, there is a solution. Ask a trusted friend or family member to assist you in the method of your choice.


Can you do it Without Using Hair Dye?

Yes, while there are plenty of hair dyes on the market that will assist you in lightening your dark blue hair, there are many other products you can use. Aside from bleach, there are shampoo and conditioner sets you can use to lighten your hair over time.

There are also other household items you can use to lighten your dark blue hair. But ultimately, the most time-consuming thing you can do is wait. Over time the hair dye will fade to a more desired color. In the meantime, enjoy what you have.


Cheap Options that Will Work just Fine

Aside from simply waiting for the color to fade over time, there are other cheaper household items you can use to lighten your dark blue hair. These products could be dandruff shampoo mixed with vitamin C power, dish soap, and baking soda.

These products are great to use because they will lighten your dark blue hair and serve other purposes to you and other household chores. Investing in specific methods could bring more value to your spending money.


Final Thoughts on how to Lighten Dark Blue Hair

Aside from letting time take its course to allow your dark blue hair to fade or lighten on its own, there are plenty of other ways to get the job done. Each method takes its own unique amount of time and elbow grease.

Some of the best methods to use do not include more hair dyes or bleach but instead everyday household items. These items include dish soap, vitamin C tablets, baking soda, and more. You can use the methods listed above on your own or with assistance if needed.

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