How to Change the Shape of an Eyebrow

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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When you’re looking to up your eyebrow game, there are two different ways you can go to do so. The first and easiest path you can take includes visiting your local brow specialist.

Once you know what kind of look you want, your brow specialist can form the shape you’re looking for. If you are trying to master shaping your eyebrows at home, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we will discuss everything about eyebrows, including how to start, what you need to shape your eyebrows, how to reshape them naturally, and how to form an eyebrow that goes nicely with your face type.

Woman with makeup applied and colored hair - How to Change the Shape of an Eyebrow?

How Do you Start?

Before you begin the actual shaping of your eyebrows, ensure you are first cleaning them up. This can be done in multiple ways but is more commonly done by plucking stray hairs around the brows with tweezers.

You can also wax or thread your eyebrows – that is completely up to you. Once your eyebrows are nice and cleaned up, ensure you are brushing through them before beginning the next few steps.

Before getting to more tips, tricks, and must-have items you need, let’s talk more about tweezers vs. wax!


Should You Use Tweezers or Wax?

Both tweezing and waxing are valid methods but serve different purposes when cleaning up the brows.

For example, if your eyebrows have not been cleaned up in a while and you have plenty of overgrown hair – it might be worth waxing to get larger amounts of hair out and away from the brows.

On another note, if you maintain your eyebrow hairs regularly, it might be best to use tweezers. This is because tweezers assist in detail. When you are using tweezers, you are not focusing on a large section of hair, but instead, one hair at a time.


Other Must-Have Eyebrow Kits

If you want to avoid having someone else do your eyebrows and do them yourself instead, you will need to purchase an eyebrow kit. There are many great eyebrow kits on the market today. However, our favorites are listed below.

  1. Arches and Halos Ultimate Brow Hero Kit
  2. Walgreens 9 Piece Beauty Complete Brow Kit
  3. Colourpop Brow Kit
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Natural & Polished Deluxe Brow Kit


How Can You Reshape Your Eyebrows Naturally?

Reshape the brow naturally by brushing the brow in different directions until you get the shape you desire. If you want to try this method, it’s suggested that you utilize a brow gel to help the shape stay in place for longer when brushing them through.

Let’s talk more about how to shape your eyebrows to match your face type. Since everyone is different, knowing when you are shaping your brows is vital.


What is the Best Eyebrow Shape?

The best brow shape will overall depend on your face type. It is said that to achieve a brow shape that compliments your face, you need to shape them in a way that contradicts your face.

The best way to figure out which shape compliments you the best is through trial and error. Another thing that should be mentioned is that your brows should never be identical.

Allowing your brows to have some slight similarities is okay, but avoid stamping them on. Identical eyebrows give an odd and seemingly hard look to the face.


Final Thoughts on Changing the Shape of Your Eyebrows

When looking to change the shape of your eyebrows, visit your local brow specialist. People who are more experienced in the field will have answers for you. If you don’t have a brow specialist in your area, consult with a cosmetologist.

Use tweezers or wax first to clean up the brows before shaping. Then, invest in a brow kit that best accommodates your needs regarding shaping.

If you are not looking to do too much with your brows and instead just shape them naturally, simply brush through the brows until you achieve the desired shape.

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