How Long Does It Take Makeup Brushes To Dry

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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When doing makeup regularly or with any kind of makeup brushes, you should also clean them regularly. Unfortunately, when we clean them, we often run into the problem of having to allow them to dry before their next use.

If you do not have a backup pair of brushes to use while the other set is going through the cleaning process, you might be asking yourself how long it takes them to dry as well as how you might be able to dry them faster or if you can just use them while they are wet.

Some makeup brushes on a white surface - How Long Does It Take Makeup Brushes To Dry

How Long Should it Take Makeup Brushes to Dry?

The answer to how long it takes them to dry can vary depending on how dense they are and how you are drying them. For example, if you are air drying your brushes, you might be looking at them being completely dried up to around 12 hours or less.

There are other ways you can dry your makeup brushes below, and it’s important to note that no matter what, you should never use high heat to dry them. Otherwise, you could ruin them, resulting in you having to replace them.


How Can You Dry Makeup Brushes Fast?

  • Hang them upside down to dry
  • Wrap them in a towel to absorb any extra moisture
  • Invest in a makeup brush cleaning & drying device
  • Place the brushes in rice to absorb moisture


Should You Use a Blow Dryer?

Let’s talk about drying your makeup brushes with blow dryers. While this can be done, it should always be done correctly. If not, it could pose not only your needing to replace your makeup brushes but also it poses a major safety risk.

When drying your makeup brushes with a blow dryer, use the device from a distance. Then, at the lowest temperature, your dryer will go. If not, refrain from using the blow dryer at all.


How Long Will it Take to Dry it at Room Temperature?

Ideally, if you are air drying your brushes at room temperature, expect that it will take them around 12 hours to dry on their own. This will, however, greatly depend on how dense your makeup brushes are. The lighter they are, the less time they will take to dry.

Most of the time, if you do not have a backup set of makeup brushes, you will try to rush into drying them quickly. But, sometimes, they take their time drying – which leaves us wondering if it would really be that bad if we tried using them while they are still wet.


Can You Use Wet Makeup Brushes?

Yes, while you can use them while they are wet, you should still expect that your makeup will not be applied how you want it to be. When the brushes are wet, and you use them anyways, you’ll run into the common problems listed below.

  • Your makeup will not spread out evenly.
  • If done often, your brush’s lifespan could be a lot shorter.
  • Wet makeup brushes will leave your makeup looking uneven and blotchy if you do not wait until they are completely dry.


Final Thoughts on Drying Your Makeup Brushes

It could take around 12 hours for your makeup brushes to dry after cleaning, depending on how dense the brushes are. However, you can dry them faster by utilizing the methods listed above to find which one works best for the types of brushes you have.

Using a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting is also an option. However, it is seen to be more of a safety risk. Avoid using wet makeup brushes to apply your makeup, for it could result in the makeup being blotchy or uneven.

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