What Does Having a Unibrow Mean & What’s the Significance?

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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You’ve most likely heard the term unibrow, possibly even monobrow. These two terms have a synonymous meaning: a single brow presented by the continuous growth of hair between the two eyebrows. Is there anything else to your average unibrow?

You’re probably wondering if there are any other interesting facts about the unibrow. What are the odds? Is it lucky? What does the unibrow provide as far as evolutionary advantages? First, let’s discuss everything you’ll need to know about the unibrow’s background.

Close up of a woman's left eye - What Does Having a Unibrow Mean & What's the Significance?

Is Having a Unibrow Considered to be Lucky?

For some cultures, a unibrow is not just a facial feature – but also a symbol. Not only is the unibrow considered to be a symbol of luck for feminine individuals, but the unibrow also gives a symbol to masculine figures.

For men or masculine individuals, the unibrow can be a symbol of fertility. It’s also a sign of virility, which is basically another term for masculinity and strong sex drive. It’s said that heterosexual women are more attracted to men with unibrows, which could be lucky for the men.


What are the Odds of Being Born with a Unibrow?

It’s no secret that unibrows have become rare over time. Because of this, many consider the facial feature to be a blessing to women that have them. However, the truth is, there is not much knowledge surrounding a unibrow’s genetics. 

However, it is known that out of 60 thousand people of European ethnicity, just over 7% have distinctive thick unibrows. At the same time, a slightly higher rate of nearly 38% has a little or slight unibrow. Leaving nearly 55% of the bunch with no unibrow at all.


Is there an Evolutionary Advantage to Having a Unibrow?

Just like regular eyebrows and eyelashes, unibrows do indeed have evolutionary advantages to them. Facial hair, in general, is said to protect our face from any elements we might encounter. Acting as a shield for the more sensitive parts of our face like our eyes and mouth area.

Eyelashes and eyebrows can shield our eyes from the light, and essentially you could even call your unibrow a homegrown, all-natural alternative to sunglasses. 

But, all jokes aside, your unibrow also offers more protection from rainfall, snow, sand, and other bothersome particles like so.


Final Thoughts on the Meaning of Having a Unibrow

A unibrow is considered to be lucky in some cultures, as well as a sign of fertility and masculinity. Unibrows are considered to be rare, which is what makes them special in this generation. 

Although asking if unibrows have any evolutionary advantages seems like a joke, the answer is yes. Unibrows have evolutionary advantages, mostly offering natural protection amongst the elements (snow, rain, sand, dust, etc.). 


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