Hair Smells Burnt After Salon

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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If you are someone who has been to the salon multiple times, you might already know that you will be leaving with your hair containing different scents depending on what you are getting done with it. It could mean many different things, and surely you might be concerned.

Let’s talk about why your hair might smell burnt after a trip to the salon. We will cover why it happens if it’s normal, if it will go away, and how to get rid of it. We will also discuss what this says about your hairdresser. Does it mean they are no good? Let’s get into it!

Woman sitting on salon chair - Hair Smells Burnt After Salon

Why Does this Happen?

There are a few different reasons why this may be occurring, but we will focus on the styling tools aspect of it all. Listed below are a few different reasons why your hair might smell burnt after having it styled with heat at a salon or even at home.

  1. The heat tools have been turned up too high, and your hair has been burnt.
  2. The styling tools need to be cleaned.
  3. The hair has been attempted to be styled when too wet, damp, or moist.
  4. The hair contains too much product prior to using the heated styling tools.
  5. The hair is too dirty when trying to use heated styling tools.


Is it Normal?

The entire smell is, unfortunately, common, especially when you are using heated styling tools at home and you are inexperienced with how to do the hair properly.

However, it should not be normal or common when going to the salon, and the hairdressers should always be licensed and experienced in doing hair.

However, sometimes it’s not always the hairdresser’s fault. For example, if you are not doing your hair properly at home when using heat to dry or style the hair, it will still show when you visit the salon, regardless of whether they are doing it the right way.


Does it Mean your Hairdresser is Not Good?

As said before, it does not necessarily mean the hairdresser is not good. If you are finding that your hair smells burnt after using heated styling tools at home, it might just be a sign you are not doing your hair correctly.

If this is the first time you’ve noticed your hair smells burnt right after leaving the salon, this could be considered a red flag.

Meaning that the hairdresser might have some of their own issues going on. It’s always important to have a chat with the hairdresser about your concerns for more insight.


Will the Smell Go Away?

If you ensure that you avoid the issues listed above, the smell is bound to go away. However, if you continue to use heat incorrectly, as listed above, you can expect the smell to linger. Therefore, it’s important to keep the hair happy and healthy.

Lucky for you, aside from ensuring the correct ways to incorporate heat when styling your hair, you can use some ways to prevent that smell in the future. Read more below!


How to Get Rid of the Smell Fast

It’s important to note to always ensure that your hair is dry and clean before using heated styling tools in order to avoid a burnt hair smell. However, listed below are some fast yet temporary fixes to try to remove or mask that burnt hair smell fast.

  • Apply dry shampoo to the hair for a fresh scent in order to mask any burnt smell you are trying to avoid.
  • Air out your hair in fresh air by spending some time outside after removing any hair ties or anything that might be restraining the hair.
  • Create a mixture of water and lemon juice to apply to the hair to mask or remove the burnt scent.
  • Add products such as baking soda or tea tree oils to your shampoo to remove that unpleasant burnt scent of the hair.


Final Thoughts on Getting Rid of the Burnt Scent of Your Hair After a Trip to the Salon

You might notice that a burnt scent comes from your hair when you are leaving the salon or even finishing up your hair at home.

This could mean many things that are enlisted above. But, unfortunately, for those of us who are not experienced in incorporating heat in our hair, it could be common.

If you are leaving the salon and smell that your hair is burnt, it’s always important to consult with the hairdresser that did your hair with any questions or concerns. The scent will go away over time if the hair is taken care of properly or with the tips listed above.

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