Foundation vs. BB Cream

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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Foundation and BB cream are both popular products in the skincare world. They both cover blemishes and uneven skin tone, but they do so in different ways. Foundation is liquid makeup that you apply to your face with a brush or sponge.

It is designed to cover large areas of the face, such as redness or dark spots. Foundation can be used on its own or underneath other makeup products, like blush or eye shadow.

BB cream stands for “blemish balm,” but it’s often called “beauty balm” because it is a multi-purpose product that can be used as an all-in-one foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen, and concealer.

In addition, BB creams are generally lighter than foundations, so they’re easier to apply and blend into the skin without caking up.

Now that you have a general idea of what they are, let’s go even deeper to see which one is better for the skin.

Is the Consistency the Same?

Foundation is a liquid makeup that can be applied to the face and neck. It is used to cover blemishes and uneven skin tone.

BB cream is lighter in texture than foundation because it only contains light pigments instead of dark ones like you’ll find in foundations; therefore, it won’t give you as much coverage if you need something heavy-duty, like acne scars or deep wrinkles gone from your face!


Are the Ingredients the Same?

Foundation is a liquid makeup that can be applied to the face and neck. It is used to cover blemishes and uneven skin tone. The foundation’s ingredients are pigments, oils, waxes, emulsifiers, and fillers.

With BB cream, the typical ingredients are balm and similar foundation ingredients, and it has moisturizing properties (shea butter) as well as sunscreen on it. With that said, it is a lightweight foundation that you’ll want to have in your makeup bag.


Can You Use Both at the Same Time?

Yes. Just be sure to use only a little of both. This way, you can achieve that natural look while getting full coverage.


Which One Lasts More?

If you’re looking for something that lasts all day, you should know that both products offer excellent coverage and can be worn alone or as a base for other products. However, in our experience, BB creams are the best option when it comes to lasting power.

They typically have higher SPF levels than foundations do, which is important because you need sun protection in your everyday routine.

Plus, BB creams are great for those who want a natural look since they usually don’t contain any heavy ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


When Should You Use BB Cream?

You should use BB cream to get full coverage of your face. You should also use it when you’re outside or need extra moisturizing for your face.


Final Thoughts on the Difference Between Foundation and BB Cream

The foundation is for you if you want a more natural look. However, if you want something that will give you full coverage and a bit of color, then the BB cream would be better suited for that purpose.

Now that you have learned the difference between the two, why not get both products and add them to your makeup bag today?

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