Can You Use Hairspray As Setting Spray For Makeup?

Last Updated on June 15th, 2023

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The internet is a huge platform for those who like to share easier ways to do things like crafts, journaling, and, more importantly, makeup. Some of these different ‘hacks’ that can be found on the internet are great. But, at the same time, others are genuinely not so great.

Let’s discuss more hairspray. Some say the product can act as a setting spray in your daily makeup routine. First, however, we are going to discuss more on why it’s actually a bad idea. So let’s get into it!

A hairspray bottle lying on hair on white cloth - Can You Use Hairspray As Setting Spray For Makeup?

Does it Work?

To understand if hairspray will double as a setting spray, we first have to understand exactly what a setting spray does.

A setting spray is a product to use after applying a full face of makeup. Its job is to keep your makeup in place to give you a fresh look that lasts all day long.

Hairspray will not do this for you. It’s actually known to have the opposite effect on your makeup, leaving your look messed up. This is because the formula of hairspray is not meant to be used within your makeup routine. Instead, it’s meant to be used for your hair.


Why Shouldn’t You Do it?

Hairspray is a formula made up of usually harmful ingredients when they are used the wrong way. Since hairspray is not formulated for the skin, your skin will likely see some damage if used in such a manner as you’d use a setting spray.

Setting sprays are more gentle on the skin because they are made to be more gentle on the face. It’s best to skip this hack and stick to the setting spray when it comes to your makeup.

Not to mention that hairspray has a strong odor; none of us want our face to smell that musty all day.


Is Setting Spray Just Water?

Setting spray does have water enlisted as the main ingredient. However, water is not the only ingredient it can contain. The most common setting spray formulas on the market today contain a mixture of water and alcohol.

Sometimes while we do not have the time nor money to run to the store for a setting spray, surely we will be looking for an alternative.

We also might be searching to find a way to make our own setting spray. Listed below, you will find more insight into both of those questions.


What are the Alternatives for Setting Spray?

While there are many different methods that act as alternatives to setting sprays, such as setting powders, below are some alternative products you can mix with water to apply as a setting spray; trial and error are important, for we all have different skin types.

  • Lavender Oils
  • Aloe
  • Glycerin
  • Rose Water
  • Witch Hazel


How Do You Make Homemade Setting Spray?

Creating your own setting spray will make it easier to find the right formula that you can tailor to your skin as needed. As listed above, we discussed some products you can utilize in order to make your own setting spray.

The directions are simple. Choose an ingredient listed above you want to work with, and find a bottle that can softly mist the water onto the face without disturbing the makeup look.

Next, mix appropriate amounts of your ingredient of choice into the water; after stirring, the mixture should be ready to go!


Final Thoughts on Setting Spray

It’s important not to use hairspray as a setting spray, for it was not made for the skin. Setting spray is not made of just water but usually contains alcohol on its rather short list of ingredients. Instead, use a setting powder as an alternative to a spray.

If you’d like to make your own, simply create a mixture of water, alcohol, and your ingredient of choice from the list above. Then, mix the formula, add it to a mist spray bottle, and there you have it! A homemade setting spray!

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